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Congratulations to our champions!

Congratulations Eli - Las Vegas Open Champion!

Congratulations April Beatty on the bronze medal!

Congratulations Professor Brea on the Bronze medal at the worlds!

Congratulations to our champions!!!

Congratulations team Jucao for the title on the 1st New Orleans International Open


Congratulations on the promotions!

  • Anthony Donze - Black Belt  
  • Cole Martin - Black Belt  
  • Dominic Lorino - Brown Belt  
  • Alan Pradillo- Brown Belt  


Congratulations on the promotions!

  • Kurt Holobaugh - Black Belt  
  • Joshua Guidry - Black Belt  
  • Robbie Gautreaux - Black Belt  
  • Treba Davis- Black Belt  
  • Gino Scontrino- Black Belt  


Congratulations on the promotions!

  • Hans Oberschmidt - Black Belt  
  • Matt Hord - Black Belt  
  • Jared Reno - Brown Belt  
  • Vicent Quatroy- Brown Belt  

Congratulations Brea!

Congratulations to our champions!

Congratulations Brea!

Congratulations Kurt!

   Congrats Kurt Holobaugh on the World Championship!

Ben "Ninja" Peco - New Black Belt, Congrats!

Congratulations to our champions!

Congrats Michael McDonald: Submission Victory

Congrats Rafael, black belt - 11 years

Congratulations Brea Ellwanger - 2017 European Jiu Jitsu Champion!


   Congratulations to the coaches and the professors at Gracie United on the promotions.

New Black Belts
  • Professor Jacob Magee, Leader of Gracie United Poplarville
New Brown Belts
  • Coach Chris Battaglia, Leader of Gracie United Bay St. Louis,
  • Coach Jason Darty, Leader of Gracie United Alabama (Gracie United Jasper and Gracie United Winnfield),
  • Coach Chris Robert Dunn, Leader of Gracie United Walker,
  • Coach Chris Cole Martin, Gracie United Franklinton (Opening Soon..),
  • Coach Michael Mcdonald, Head instructor of MMA - Gracie United Mandeville,
  • Coach Josh Davilla, Head Instructors of Gracie United Baton Rouge,
  • Coach Brian Wells, Head Instructors of Gracie United Baton Rouge,
  • Dominc Lorino,
  • Andre Jeansonne
New Purple Belts
  • Coach Zion Ellwanger, Assistant Instructor of Gracie United Ponchatoula,
  • Avery Hill, Assistant Instructor of Gracie United Mandeville,
  • Coach Billy Stage, Assistant Instructor Gracie United Biloxi,
  • Coach Rick Below, Leader of Gracie United Leesville,
New Blue Belts
  • Daniel Foote, Leaders of Gracie United Laplace,
  • Isaac Foote, Leaders of Gracie United Laplace

Congratulations Kurt!

   Congrats Kurt Holobaugh on the submission win!!!

Congratulations Coach Brea!

   Gracie United congratulates Coach Brea Ellwanger on the silver and the bronze medal at the IBJJF World Championship in San Francisco. This is Coach Brea's 5th world medal. Impressive performance.

Congratulations Joshua!

   Congrats Joshua Davilla (the owner of Gracie United Baton Rouge) on the amazing victory. He KOed head kick on the 1st round up against a very skilled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt!!

GU MMA came home undefeated!

   Congratulations to Michael Mcdonald and Jacob Small on the win. Our champions came home undefeated.

11 Competitors, 17 Medals! - Atlanta International

  • Chris Battaglia - Gold
  • Chris Carter - Gold & Bronze
  • Brea Ellwanger - Gold
  • Alan Pradillo - Silver & Bronze
  • Tim Roberts - Silver & Bronze
  • Dominic Lorino - Gold & Silver
  • Faith Kourtney Lee - Three Bronze
  • Matthew Stock - Bronze
  • Gino Scontrino - Bronze
  • Brandon Rutledge - Silver
  • Piper Oubre - Bronze

Proud of our team!!!

World Championship in Las Vegas

   Congrats to Tanzania Ennis for becoming the first woman from Louisiana to become a World Champion with double GOLD


  • Brea Ellwanger - Silver
  • Jessica Shamburg - Bronze
  • Roderick Ennis - Bronze
  • Tommy Barrett - Bronze

12 Competitors, 16 Medals! - Dallas Open International

  • Anthony Maciejewski - Bronze
  • Aramis Garcia - Bronze
  • Brian Wells - Bronze
  • Craig Sylvia - Silver
  • Brea Ellwanger - Gold & Bronze
  • Isaac foote - Bronze
  • Jeff Sins - Double Silver
  • Joshua Brasseaux - Silver & Bronze
  • Rick Below - Silver
  • Steven Oubre - Bronze
  • Titus Foote -Three Bronze

Proud of our team!!! Back to training and fixing the mistakes and improve our game.

Dallas Open Winners

World BJJ Champion Rafael Ellwanger Pioneered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s Growth in the South

   A lifelong martial artist, Rafael Ellwanger began experimenting with different disciplines at age 4 when his mother enrolled him in judo.
After training in taekwondo, kung fu, boxing, muay Thai and krav maga, Ellwanger found his calling when he started Brazilian jiu-jitsu — more than 21 years ago. Read More...

Congratulations Champions!

   Gracie United congratulates Joshua Davilla on the unanimous decision victory in Baton Rouge. We are also pleased to announce the outstanding win by submission achieved by Robert Dunn on the first round. Congratulations to Dunn for holding the new FFI lightweight champion title.

Congratulations IBJJF National Champions!

   The American National Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship was held in Las Vegas, NV on July 2016. In the event, three participants: Dominic Lorino, Chris Carter, and Tim Roberts from Gracie United were ranked IBJJF National Champions. Congratulations to our IBJJF National Champions!

Brea Ellwanger, 2016 Panamerican Champion!

   Brea Ellwanger is the first women in Louisiana to become a Pan-American Champion. She is from Ponchatoula, LA and trains and teaches at Gracie United. The Pan-American Championship is the second largest BJJ event in the world. It was held in Irvine, California with over 4,000 competitors from all over the world. She is currently ranked #11 in the world.