The Family

What happens when a guy who has grappled all his life meets a guy who has done jiu-jitsu all of his? To say that when Mark Leeling met Professor Rafael Elwagner they became fast friends would be an understatement. I always had the idea of being a gym owner in the back of my mind but it wasn’t until I met Professor that idea became a reality. Professor Rafael gave me the opportunity to turn my dream into a reality. Im so proud to be part of this great family we call Gracie United. Im confident that our special brand of inviting & family friendly environment is the perfect fit for anyone who want to try the Jiu-Jitsu life style.

Mark Leeling

  • Brown belt under Rafael Elwagner
  • Owner/Coach Gracie United Kenner/Metairie
  • Assistant wrestling coach St. Pauls High school
  • 2 sport college scholarship athlete (Wrestling/Football)
  • Multi time high school all American in wrestling
  • Former pro Mix martial arts fighter
  • Multi time state/regional Jiu-jitsu champion
  • Multi time winner/placer IBJJF tournaments (Austin, Dallas, Houston, Nola)
  • Married to Erica and they have 3 Great Danes (Laffite, Picasso, Gracie)

Professor Gino Scontrino

  • Head Instructor Gracie United Kenner
  • Black Belt under Professor Rafael Elwagner
  • Studying Jiu-Jitsu for 11 years
  • Multi time Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama state champ
  • Several IBJJF medals
  • Married to Jessica and they have 2 children son-Atlas and Daughter-Ophella

Professor Ricky Jerez

  • Black Belt under Professor Rafael Elwagner
  • Two time Louisiana state champ
  • Co owner United Metaire
  • Two time Alabama state champ
  • IBJJF Austin Open Champion
  • Multi time IBJJF placer in both open and class divisions (Nola, Austin, Dallas, Houston)
  • Former professional rugby player
  • Married to Tara and they have 2 children

Coach Mark Dominguez

  • Brown belt under Professor Rafael Elwagner
  • Co-owner Gracie United Metairie
  • 2018 IBJJF World Masters champion
  • 2017/2018 Louisiana & Alabama State champ
  • Three time IBJJF Austin open champ
  • Two Time IBJJF Nashville open champ
  • IBJJF Dallas/Atlanta/Chicago open champ
  • Has 2 children William & Sophia


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4041 Williams Blvd. Suite 10B
Kenner, LA 70065